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Congratulations on finding the website.


Over the years I have had to think through the challenges of evolutionary theory, firstly as a Christian, then as a Biologist and lastly as a Biology teacher.

I have gathered together some articles I have written and will hopefully continue to add to the website, God willing.  The emphasis of this website will be contributing to the development of an alternative view of genetics. 


It is not that long ago that the facts of geology were interpreted within a scriptural framework.  When evolutionary theories came to dominate those same facts were reinterpreted.  Some were ignored to be sure but most were simply reinterpreted.

     It is genuinely possible to reinterpret the facts of     
         genetics within a Biblical world view.


                                    I am Eoghan Mhor and that's my bottom line.



If you have questions then email me and I will endevour to reply. 

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